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Savannah and Ronn's Excellent Peruvian Adventure!

This journal will document our ProWorld trip to Cusco Peru where we will be volunteering, learning, and exploring!

Una Fiesta Loca

Peru Cusco, Peru  |  Jan 06, 2013
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Well, we arrived in Cusco safe and sound and were immediately introduced to our new familia. We arrived and learned that today is the day of the birthday party for our two little sisters, Luana and Nicoll. They are now 2 and 4. Our first duty was to copy a list of guests onto some paper which made us quickly realize that we were about to attend a fiesta with 50 toddlers!! We then loaded Tio Carlos's car with three cakes, a giant barbie pinata and a plate of flan. Too bad we couldnt appreciate the cobblestone streets, as I had to balance a cake on my lap and a broken plate of non-solid flan in my hands. Dad got quite a kick out of it... 

We did not know what to expect of a Cuscoan kids party.  Chucky Queso? We were pleasantly suprised to find a very nicely decorated location tucked back from the store fronts near the historic town square. Our family knows how to throw a kids party. Tons of food, music, an entertainer, balloons, etc.  The main area was actually built between two buildings.  And there were beautiful little rooms for different activities...musical instruments, dancing, science, drawing, theater, and a huge sandbox with buried treasures and fake dinosaur bones!  

While dad escaped to catch up on some work, I stayed at the party. Even with the excessive amount of energy and spanish that surrounded me, I had a wonderful time!! Luana has taken a liking to me, and when the entertainment began we were attached at the hip. Well, really she was attached to my hip since she whined and put her arms in the air every time I tried to put her down. We danced and jumped and ran in circles and did every silly thing that the clown told us to do like touching each others noses, turning in a circle on one leg, tickling each other... The kids were LOVING it! And I have to admit, besides having to go to the bathroom the whole time, I was too! When dad got back we stood in a corner for maybe 5 minutes before Agripina (our host abuela) told us that everyone must dance and participate!! We were donned with crowns and clown ties and danced gangam style parents and ninos together. Silly string was sprayed into the air and long balloons were passed out to wave around while we danced. It was great! 

Savannah forgot to mention that I won an award for my gangam style dancing.  For my "escape" to a WI FI zone, I went to the huge city square that's surrounded by gorgeous churches. Tucked away in a corner is a very subdued McDonalds that has free WiFi.  The fiesta really was fun.  We weren't sure about spending 5 hours of our first day at a ninos fiesta, but it was a great place, the kids were adorable, and our family could not be nicer.  They are very protective of us -- so, Trish and Maddee, you have nothing to worry about!  

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  • User Profile Photo
    Chris wrote: Wed Jan 9, 2013
    So happy to read about our dos gringos! Glad Ronn's dancing didn't scare the ninos too much. Love you both!
  • User Profile Photo
    Nancyruth Mack wrote: Mon Jan 7, 2013
    Hi You Two! Glad to hear you have arrived in Cusco, are with your family, and dancing with 50 toddlers. What fun is that? Continue spreading your love and joy around. Look forward to hearing more.
    So much love,
  • User Profile Photo
    Suzanne wrote: Mon Jan 7, 2013
    Be sure to spend plenty of time in the cathedral, if you can, and learn about the native version of the Last Supper painting. Also, if you can, try to see the Inca Museum in Cusco. It's on a side street near the cathedral. So glad you got to start your visit with a fiesta!
  • User Profile Photo
    Nancyruth wrote: Mon Jan 7, 2013
    Love knowing you've arrived in Cusco, are dancing with toddlers, and your family is taking care of you both!

    Continue spreading your love and joy around your new home!
    So much love, Nancyruth/Mom