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Volunteer trip to Belize!

My first volunteer abroad experience to Belize

Travel day to Belize

United States North Carolina, United States  |  Aug 04, 2012
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To start this one off, it has been a long few days.  I've been preparing and getting ready for weeks for this trip and I haven't seemed to find the time to start my blog! As anxious and seemingly stressed I was planning this trip, it was really an easy experience working it out through the ProWorld staff. I thought that I would have to buy a lot of things for the trip, also, but it really only ended up being a few things; mainly scrubs and a pair of hiking shoes, but a whole lot else wasn't required for my trip.

I have recently graduated from Michigan State University, and just yesterday moved out of East Lansing. It was tiring, but almost made me forget how excited I am for this trip! It was a late night, but I did get all of my packing done in time for my first 6:20am flight out of Detroit. I thought my layover would be a good time to get started on this, as opposed to sitting around for 2 hours. I really can't wait to get down there and meet my new "family" and everybody that I will be working with! Hopefully I will have some time to write in the next few days to write about my first experiences arriving there.

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  • Travel day to Belize

    August 04, 2012
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