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  • 24 years old
  • From Maryland, United States
  • Currently in Urubamba, Peru

Leaving the Nest- Destination, Peru!

I'm going to be keeping an online journal in order for my friends and family to have a taste of my adventures (you wish you were here, Aba!). I'm going to write about my host family, the friends I meet, the places I go, my volunteer work... everything! Unless I'm having too much fun- then I might ignore my duties for a while. :-)

Carnavales! (aka the best day ever)

Peru Urubamba, Peru  |  Feb 11, 2013
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Hi everyone!  Yesterday was Carnaval! This essentially means that the main plaza was the host of an all-day water fight between boys and girls. The weapons of choice- water balloons, colored powder, water guns, buckets, and pistols. Not to mention brute strength, which is why boys tend to have a tad more fun than the girls. But I had my share! I bought a chisquete, which is a simple, cylindrical water gun, and a pack of balloons. I started out by ambushing people from my balcony, then took to the plaza armed with some balloons and my tablet to take video for my family back home. No sooner had I stepped into the plaza was I assaulted by tons of people! Totally soaked within 30 seconds. Luckily, a shop owner offered me asylum in his shop- but I made him pinky swear first that he wouldn't attack me with water!Parades of people came through the plaza, all dressed in different native dresses and with instruments. As they danced through the streets, hordes of children splashed them, but it was great, because that only made them dance harder and laugh more! It's a big party all day. I love it! One boy who lives two houses down threw a bucket on me, and I chased him into his courtyard, shooting water. Unfortunately, there were two more of them, and one grabbed me and held me fast while two more dumped buckets on my head! Not to mention the stinging water balloon they threw at my shoulder as I escaped. Ow! Nevertheless, this is the best holiday ever! Will post more soon. Ciao!P.s. I was going to post this right away, but for some reason I didn't. And I'm really glad too! Because ten minutes afterward, the abuelita of the house started to throw water from the balcony! This little old lady, cackling as she dropped water on people! Oh my gosh, it was great. I joined her, and now my mama is in on the mischief too! I'll send videos!

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