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Belize Punta Gorda, Belize  |  Nov 16, 2012
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Today is surreal, the past two weeks flew by but I knew they would.  I've learned a lot about myself while here, that I'm stronger, more fearless then I started.  Also to trust myself and trim the extra useless things from my life.  Eat better, ride and walk more, be happy, don't do things that make me unhappy!  My source of inspiration that I'm taking away is the image of the butterfy, I need to spread my wings, not restrict them.  I need to be free and make art.  I need to literally stretch more do yoga and be outside.  I bought these beautiful butterfly earrings as a reminder of this lesson.  When asked to sum up my project experience, there is one word that comes to mind...growth.  I feel that I have grown mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually during my time in Punta Gorda.Working with CARE Belize has been exciting with ups and downs. Andrea Coc might be the strongest person working in this field I have ever met.  She does her work tirelessly and entirely from the heart.  She loves what she does, it drives her to do it every day despite the low pay, low accessibly to supplies and resources, and lack of support from her organization.  Put in a similar situation, I don't know if I would continue.  I hope to take a renewed passion for this work back to the states.  I realize that working with disabilities is not the most glamorous job, but it can be very rewarding in its own right.The children have been amazing, I love their faces how they light up when u present them with some simple art supplies, a balloon to play with or a fun game on the iPad.  We worked on everything from fine and gross motor control, attention span, sign language, and counseling for the parents and caretakers.  I realized that art is a universal language, no matter where we r in the world, we need to express our selves and play!  I happy to bring some of that here and teach Andrea all I know about art therapy.  I hope to come back and continue working with her in the future.  I'd love to follow up with the kids to see where they are in the future.Now the downsides, and there are always downsides, I was prepared for that.  The culture shock took its toll early on, I'm not used to the conditions, the landscape, heat, culture, food etc.  I got over that after the first couple days.  Second is the communication issues.  I was hoping to have Ms. Andrea for two weeks, but found out that when I got here that she was not going to be here the second week.  That was a bummer, we could have gone out to more villages if she was here. Instead I was on my own and visiting four children around town for the whole week.  The up side was that I had some down time to work on a mural for the school across the street, explore more, go snorkling at the reef!! and make a sign for CARE, a much needed thing for them.   I think this mixup could have been avoided with more communication via email with Proworld or Care.Overall, it was a great experience,  definitely had a growing experience. It helped my realize the important things in life, family, eating healthy, riding my bike, sleeping, and being happy.  You forget sometimes these things during your daily grind.  I had some amazing experiences that I will never forget, specifically swimming in the blue creek cave, my healing with Dr. Arzu, visiting the maya villages to see the kids, and riding along the sea every day and night.Thanks and see ya soon!Theresa

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