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  • Currently in San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica!

I am going to Costa Rica to study Spanish and volunteer at an Orphanage! Follow my entries to see what I will be up to for the next few weeks.

Even the Sun Sets in Paradise

Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica  |  Aug 13, 2012
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The past 2 weeks have been crazy busy, but my time here is quickly coming to a close! Friday I finished up my 5 weeks at the orphanage. It was really sad saying good bye to the kids. I bought a cake and some bracelets. We played one last soccer game and a few rounds of Uno. The kids were great, I was shocked at how warm they welcomed me even with the language barrier. About a week and a half ago I participated in the Festival of the Virgen of Los Angeles. Our Lady of Angels is the Partron Saint of Costa Rica because of the story about Juana Pereira a young girl who was walking in the woods one day and found a statue shaped like Mary. She took the statue or small figurine with her but it kept reappearing when she visited the site. She told her priest and the town built a shrine for the Virgen de Los Angeles. This is the story, more or less, and every year 100s of thousands or maybe millions of people walk to the Basilica in Cartago to celebrate the Virgin Mary. I participated in the walk from downtown San Jose to Cartago. It was about 23 kilometers or 14ish miles. It took 5 and a half hours. We stopped half way through for cookies and coffee and the coordinator of the language school's house. I think that it is easier to run 13 miles, the longest I have run, than it is to walk 14. Of course, 5 minutes before we get back on the bus to return to San Jose it starts POURING. I did not return to San Jose until 3 in the morning and still managed to get up for class at 6 and run around with children the next day. Before most of my friends returned to the USA, we explored San Jose a little bit. I went to a Spanish dance club that I tried going my first week in Costa Rica, but was denied because the club already filled its guy to gal ratio. Yes, clubs in Costa Rica are no different than in the U.S. And most of my friends know I don't like clubs, especially if you make me angry *cough* Park Street* cough*. Anyways, I was not going to go back but I opened up my guide book and it said I had to go. If its in my guidebook, not too expensive, and I have nothing better to do I should go, I thought to myself. It was ok, but I got great dessert, and the music was nice. Last week I attended a Spanish cooking class at the school it was great! We made a nice mixture of meat, vegetables, and salsa for tortillas. I have learned to cook a few Costa Rican dishes during my trip, so when I start dating again this year I'll have some nice Costa Rican dishes to make for whatever lucky lady I take out. And maybe if the Alphas keep doing what they're supposed to I'll cook for them. But anyways I do not know where the time has gone. I stayed in San Jose this weekend to rest and relax. I went on a day trip to the Orosi Valley and the Lankaster Gardens. They had some cool plants and whatnot. The trip was scenic and relaxing. The weekend before last I went to Dominical, a quiet relaxing beach on the Pacific Ocean. My guide book said that it was a sleepy surfer town that tourists forgot about. I could not agree more. It was my first solo trip which means I actually had to practice my Spanish! It was a nice quiet, relaxing trip. I just laid on the beach, read my book, and wrote. It was nice to reflect on the past month in a half, especially because I will be home soon enough! I have been having great conversations with my host family in Spanish, because they don't speak English. But its good, because for the first half of my trip we did not really have in depth conversations due to the language barrier. My Spanish is FAR from perfect, but if you are an English speaker that speaks Spanish or I have gotten used to your accent, like with my host family, it is a lot easier for me to talk with you. I have been busy preparing for my Mom and Sister to Visit in 2 days! I am really excited. After that I will return home! Where did the time go. It will be time for books, papers, Presidential elections, debates, icebreakers, football games, and much much more! However, I need to keep practicing my Spanish! My instructor gave me his email address and OSU has several programs that involve speaking Spanish. Well, God willing, I will see most of you soon! Take Care


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    MJ wrote: Tue Aug 14, 2012
    Wow! I am very impressed. You are cooking! And going out dancing! And traveling solo! All experiences that are very important to obtain at this stage in life. I am definitely very excited to come visit you...I am so proud of you and I can't wait to see the place you have called home this past summer.