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  • Mexico es Magico

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Mon Sep 03, 2012

    Time is relative. In Oaxaca the more appropriate term is irrelevant. For example, there is no public bus schedule; no listed times or established stops. You arrive on your own time and hope the congregation of people on the corner is made up of others waiting for transporation and not one of the many daily protests. So, it's not surprising that I was shocked when I glanced at the calendar …

    Viva Oaxaca

  • Wordpress link

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Mon Aug 13, 2012

    I have a journal set up about my adventures in Oaxaca at: http://thelastunicornblog.wordpress.com . I have devulged my feelings, experiences and growth throughout my time in Oaxaca. You will also find alot about the healthcare system here since I am volunteering my time in a clinic. Feel free to comment away!     - Christina

    A new perspective on life

  • Week 2

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Thu Jul 26, 2012

    Oaxaca, MX

  • One Week Down

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Sun Jun 10, 2012

    I have been in Oaxaca for over a week now, though I have no idea how I got here in the first place.  To say that my journey was a hot mess would be an understatement.  My original itenerary had me flighting from Atlanta to Houston, then on to Oaxaca. However due to broken runway lights, volcanice ash. and/or protesting teachers (never figured out which one was actually the problem), my flight from …

    Oaxaca Adventures

  • Why me??

    Travel Journal from Mexico Mexico City, Mexico | Sat Jun 02, 2012

    So, my journey to Oaxaca panned out exactly how I had dreaded in the remaining days before I embarked on my trip. I thought that I was foolishly assuming that once in Mexico City things would get bad, I thought I was just over thinking it and worrying too much, but I was actually dead on.  To start off, we hit huge storms on the way in to the city and …

    Destination Chaos

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