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  • first weekend in Quito

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Ecuador | Sun Oct 07, 2012

    So, it is my first weekend abroad and i have spent the last two days and two nights in Quito. I flew in really late on friday so i went straight to bed. On saturday, kate (the onsite director in ecuador) took me around the city a little bit. We went to parks, and checked out little markets where they sell really inexpensive trinkets and such, ran some errands in …

    finally in ecuador

  • ¡Hasta luego, América!

    Travel Journal from United States United States | Sat Sep 08, 2012

    While sitting at JFK and waiting to board my plane to Bogotá, where I have a short layover, it has finally hit me that I am going to be far away from home very soon. I'm going to be taking intensive Spanish classes and volunteering in Ecuador for the next ten weeks. I planned this trip a little bit last minute, as I always seem to do, but I feel …

    My Trip to Ecuador

  • there are no words

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Tue Aug 28, 2012

    there are no words to describe my experience in ecuador this past summer. i should have wrote this a long time ago, when the emotions were still raw, but i guess now i can look back and remember the most special moments, and the strongest emotions i had. i spent 2 months of the summer in quito volunteering at a daycare in the small town of zámbiza. i worked (played) …

    there are no words

  • Last Week...

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Fri Aug 03, 2012

    How can I possibly be going back to the States in just two days?  How did a month pass by so quickly??  Its going to be hard to leave, but I have to admit that I miss home - long hot showers, drinking tap water, living in the suburbs, family and friends... The past week has been a busy week!  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked at Pan de Vida …

    Volunteering in Ecuador

  • Cross Cultural Experience: An Ode to the Trolebus

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Mon Jul 16, 2012

    For the past month in Ecuador, I’ve spent on average, 2 hours a day using the public bus system to commute to work, classes and around the city.  Like the majority of Americans, I am accustomed to driving everywhere in the comfort of a car; thus, those 54 some hours have truly been a growing experience, as I’ve found myself crammed between strangers, clutched anything within reach to avoid spurring …

    Cross Cultural Experience: An Ode to the Trolebus