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Auntie Christina’s house is located in the bustling area of Abura where the lots of PWG participants stay and PWG Bunkhouse is located. The family is quite large, consisting of Christina (50), her son ...

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  • Villages, Schools and Canopy Walking

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Fri Oct 12, 2012

    Almost one week down and three weeks to go! So this week was all about villages, schools and canopy walking. On Monday, I met with my organization HEPENS and the owners there. We talked about what were some things that I could do or bring to the organization. Tuesday was my first day to actually work, sort of. We headed to a village that was about 40 minutes from where I'm staying Abura. …

    I've only been here for 3 days!!!!

  • The countdown begins! In one month I'll be in Ghana!

    Travel Journal from United States Georgia, United States | Fri Aug 31, 2012

    Well I feel like I've been preparing for this trip all my life! I've always been one to want to help people, change the world and make a difference, and now my dream is about to come true! Much of this trip has been very last minute with deciding when and where to do my internship. I had so many places picked out in my head of where to go, …

    Going to the MOTHERLAND!!!

  • First week in Ghana!

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Thu Jul 12, 2012

    It has been almost a week since I have arrived in Ghana. I feel fairly settled in now and ready to soak in all in! My homestay family is absolutely the best, I am soo lucky to have them. I had a rough start, feeling very homesick and overwhelmed, but I was able to pull through and I have become aclimatized fairly well to the cultural differences. There are many things …

    First week in Ghana!

  • 14 hours until take off

    Travel Journal from Canada Guelph, Canada | Thu Jul 05, 2012

    So here I am the day I leave for Ghana. I am feeling a little overwhelmed at this point. I feel like there are still a decent amount of things I need to do before I leave, but I know they always manage to get done in time. I didn't sleep very well last night most likely because I am anxious just thinking of it all and being away for …

    Ghana Bound!

  • One Week Until Ghana Bound!

    Travel Journal from Canada Waterloo, Canada | Thu Jun 28, 2012

                    So here I am, one week away from my departure to Ghana. It is truly hard to believe I am at this point already. I am getting more and more excited and anxious as the days go by. At this point I am still unfortunately at the very stressed pre-departure phase where I am trying to make sure I have everything ready for my journey and when I get …

    One Week Until Ghana Bound!