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When introducing something new into the lives of these families it is important to educate as well as possible in all facets to prevent any possible frustration, which could result in a desire to dismantle ...

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  • A day with Jaime

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Wed Jul 13, 2011

    Today Christina and I traveled with Jaime the project director for the stoves to a new town. It actually is in urubamba but the sector is totally different. We took a Combi to the town where we were going to be doing surveys. We walked to the bus station and Hamie introduced us to one of his friends. Her name was Frances. He told us that she would be coming with us …

    A day with Jaime

  • Shopping for warm clothes

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Tue Jul 12, 2011

    A few days ago I went "Comprar" (Shopping) with my homestay mother Sonya, and of course baby Beckita. During our lunch in the plaza was delcious as usual, I told Sonya that I needed a new "Jompa" (Sweater) for the nights seem to becoming much colder. And now that I have finally learned how you are to dress here in Peru- is much different from the clothing to wear during …

    Jompa "Sweater"

  • A long day

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Tue Jul 05, 2011

    So today was quite a day- Today we worked on stoves with our new ProPeru volunteers. Who are just great. Anxious to start working and get there hands dirty. We set off at our usual town and spiced up the transportation today. All 15 of us jumped into the back of a pickup truck, with our materials and tools used for making our clean burning stoves. The ride was short, we …

    One who needs help

  • And the Adventure continues..

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Thu Jun 09, 2011

    Buenos Tardes! So it's about 4:30 here in Urubamba and I am SO tired. Today I woke up bright and early from my living alarm clock ( a rooster) ate breakfast which was delicious my homestay mother Sonya made us grilled cheese sandwhiches with tomatoes.So good. After a semi hot shower I got dressed and was off to ProPeru. Hamie the contractor who pretty much runs the clean burning stove project …


  • Salsa Classes with ProPeru

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Fri Jul 01, 2011

    Buenos Dias! It's a very rainy day here in Urubamba- naturally with little to do to begin with- with the sun peeking threw the clouds I find myself a little antsy today. I had Tomales this morning for breakfast and they were fantastic. Last night I had spanish classes with the other volunteers- as I do everyday, afterwards we were informed that our small little 4 by 4 classroom was about …

    Salsa Classes