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To those of you eagerly awaiting your visit to Belize, welcome!! To all past interns, group members, and semester students, welcome back!! This group is designed to help you connect with ...

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  • Fundraising letter to family, collegues and friends

    Travel Journal from United States Kentucky, United States | Thu Jul 26, 2012

    Dearest Family and Friends,            I am writing to you today because in 5 short months I’ll be embarking on an exciting new journey!  A journey that I hope will further my personal growth and development as an Art Therapist and Humanitarian.   A few months ago, I was doing an internet search for Art Therapy volunteer opportunities in the US and abroad.  While searching, I came across a site for ProWorld.org.  …

    Fundraising Letter

  • Travel day to Belize

    Travel Journal from United States North Carolina, United States | Sat Aug 04, 2012

    To start this one off, it has been a long few days.  I've been preparing and getting ready for weeks for this trip and I haven't seemed to find the time to start my blog! As anxious and seemingly stressed I was planning this trip, it was really an easy experience working it out through the ProWorld staff. I thought that I would have to buy a lot of things …

    Volunteer trip to Belize!

  • Down to the last days

    Travel Journal from Belize San Ignacio, Belize | Thu Jul 19, 2012

    Last Saturday, the six of us volunteers went on a cave canoeing trip. Jayme and I were in a canoe together and had the hardest time navigating our way with the paddle to the opening of the cave. But don't worry, we made our way back safely to our tour guide. We held on to the other two canoes with our hands as the guide explained how the cave was …

    unraveling my traveling

  • Welcome Home

    Travel Journal from United States Minnesota, United States | Sat May 26, 2012

    Landing in Minnesota, I was in the back of the airplane. I was the last of my group to deboard so I was a little sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to some of those in my group. The melancholy feeling was quickly replaced knowing I would be kissing my loved ones soon. I made it to baggage claim and said goodbye to those who remained. Much like …

    Normandale Belize 2012

  • It's getting a bit crazy

    Travel Journal from Canada London, Canada | Wed Jul 04, 2012

    So it's coming down to crunch time and all my friends and family have started to ask me 'aren't you getting scared yet?', my response 'should I be?'.  I set out to do ProWorld because I think it really is an experience that everyone should do atleast once in their lives. Travel completely alone, do something selfless, dedicate yourself to a cause your passionate about; why on earth would someone be …

    Less than a week until Belize!

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