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This is quite a large family with 7 people living in the home. Emmanuel (tutor) and Matilda (administrator) are parent with their 5 children.They are Anthony 29 & a waiter, Daniel 27 & an account clerk, ...

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  • The Adventure Begins..

    Travel Journal from United States Michigan, United States | Thu Jul 05, 2012

    My name is Kayla Whitney. I am approaching my senior year in college at the University of Michigan. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, as well as a minor in Social Change. This opportunity appeals to my desire to explore people with disabilities. I will be working at the Aboom School of Special Needs while I am staying in Cape Coast. I …

    Today is the Day

  • About Ghana

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Tue Oct 20, 2009

    So, my time in Ghana is almost over, which means a journal entry is long overdue (I'm sorry, I'm not a big fan of journalling) . I thought it would be good to just talk about a few things (cultural, etc.) that I learned while here in Ghana.  1) You never just get the flu in Ghana -> it's most likely malaria  2) Ghanaian funerals take place a few weeks - months …

    About Ghana

  • Chains of injustice- Kate Zdrojeski

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Wed Sep 02, 2009

    Chains of Injustice I can't believe my time in Africa is already drawing to a close. Today was my last official day of work - I leave tomorrow morning for Accra and an interview with the Deputy Commissioner of the CHR. Mr. Aggrey has been determined to get through as much of the Annual Monitoring as he can while I'm here - I think because Titi is absolutely …

    Chains of injustice

  • Silence is Golden- Kate Zdrojeski

    Travel Journal from Ghana Ghana | Wed Sep 02, 2009

    Silence is Golden As mentioned in an earlier post, Ghanaian men love obrunis. I've received 4 marriage proposals since arriving (1 in Accra, 3 in Cape Coast...for those of you keeping track at home). Almost daily, however, a Ghanaian man requests my cellphone number. I was told that, should you choose to give out your number to a strange man you've known for all of three seconds (?), he will not …

    Silence is Golden- Kate Zdrojeski