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  • The Village Life of a Foreigner

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Mon Sep 17, 2012

    Crazy 2 weeks of ups and downs, new foods, new faces and new unforgettable experiences! After leaving COSA I traveled to a village about 20 minutes away by car called “Maetaman.” My host mom speaks English and occasionally you will run across someone who knows basic conversational English but other than that everyone speaks Thai or a special dialect they speak in Chiang Mai province they call …

    A Trip of Thai-Tastic Proportions

  • Mountain Trek

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Wed Aug 15, 2012

    The trek started on Monday, August 6th. Before setting off, there was a sendoff at one of the buildings at the hospital. There were some speeches, including one from Dr. Lek, though my Thai is still not very good, so I don't really know what was said. Anyways, we piled into the trucks, and drove 2-3 hours to a village. As I've come to expect when driving in the mountains, …


  • Last Days and Follow-up

    Travel Journal from United States Delaware, United States | Wed Aug 08, 2012

          So this is a quick wrap-up to the explosive last part of my trip in Thailand. After recovering from feeling sickly I wrapped the adventure up in a fantastic way. I went to Doi Suthep (the main Chiang Mai temple that resides in the mountains) and also to a small village called Pai (a somewhat westernized town). On the way to Doi Suthep, I also visited two waterfalls and …

    Chiang Mai, Thailand (first trip abroad)

  • Over halfway

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Wed Jul 25, 2012

    It's crazy to believe that I'm already half way done with my time here in Thailand. This weekend was definately one of my favorite weekends ever. On Sunday we got to ride elephants all day! It was definately a once in a life time experience. We ended up getting to the elephant reservation around 9:30 and then didn't leave until closer to 5:00, so it was all day with the …


  • The Final Countdown

    Travel Journal from Canada Vancouver, Canada | Fri Jul 06, 2012

    Who knew how terrible and exciting and exhausting and incredible the anticipation of going on a trip could be. I guess I should remeber, I've done some travelling before, but each time is different, and this time has it's own new plethora of emotions.  Since Wednesday I have been living by myself in the West end of Vancouver, kilometers away from my home in Kelowna. I love being able to take …

    Why not Thai?

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