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  • Saying goodbye

    Travel Journal from United States Nevada, United States | Mon Jul 30, 2012

    Well, I'm back home in Las Vegas and I can't believe my three weeks in Costa Rica have come to an end. It's surreal being back here, after such an intense (and emotional) last few days. My last week started off normally enough, a blur of kids and buses, Spanish lessons and drinks out on the town. Then came Wednesday- Guanacaste Day! July 25 is a national holiday in Costa Rica, …

    Mi ultima semana

  • 3 Weeks Already?

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Sun Jul 29, 2012

    My internship is half way over. That feels unreal to me. In three short weeks, I've already learned and experienced SO MUCH. I love it here. I feel totally adjusted and way more at home than my last entry.  In the past week or so, I have: Went to Kumasi! It's about a 3-hour trotro ride, but so worth it. We got some cool pictures taken, went to the …


  • Day of Departure!

    Travel Journal from United States Pennsylvania, United States | Fri Jul 27, 2012

    As I type my first journal entry, I am hoping I have everything I need for Peru. I just bought my last item, gifts (Phillies t-shirts) for the two daughters who will be in my family. After learing that my homestay family has two young daugters, ages 2 and 4, I became even more excited for this experience. As a former camp counselor with an interest in pediatrics, I love …


  • One week

    Travel Journal from United States Wisconsin, United States | Sun Jul 22, 2012

    Well here I am only 7 days until I get on a plane to fly to Ghana...Time flies! I signed up for this a year ago and it feels like yesterday. I will be volunteering in Asikuma at Our lady of Grace Hospital. I've been dreaming of volunteering abroad for years and it's crazy that my dream is finally becoming a reality. My mom just bought me my first pairs of scrubs and …

    Anxiously Awaiting Ghana

  • The Sun is Seting On My Time Here

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica San Pedro, Costa Rica | Fri Jul 27, 2012

    I cannot believe it. Today was my last day at CRLA and Hospicio de Huerfanos Vista Del Mar! It feels like just yesterday I was staring out of my window on the flight over. I was actually quite nervous to be spending so much time from my summer in a different country without knowing anyone. I remember a small voice in my head telling me, ¨Something tells me this trip is …

    My Volunteer Experience in Costa Rica

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