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  • Down to the last days

    Travel Journal from Belize San Ignacio, Belize | Thu Jul 19, 2012

    Last Saturday, the six of us volunteers went on a cave canoeing trip. Jayme and I were in a canoe together and had the hardest time navigating our way with the paddle to the opening of the cave. But don't worry, we made our way back safely to our tour guide. We held on to the other two canoes with our hands as the guide explained how the cave was …

    unraveling my traveling

  • Canopy Walk

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Tue Jul 17, 2012

    Exciting weekend just passed, I haven't been able to update my blog because of internet/sickness issues! But all is mostly back to normal at the point. I had some sort of stomach bug yesterday keeping me from going to work. This weekend that just passed was a busy one! On friday we travelled just an hour outside of Cape Coast to Kakum National Park. When we got there we did about …

    Kakum National Park

  • My first week in the happiest country on earth

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica | Tue Jul 17, 2012

    I´m sorry it's been so long since my last blog post. I can't even believe all that I've seen and done in a little over a week in Costa Rica. Let's start at the beginning- I arrived at night, with the lights of the surrounding hills of San Jose guiding us to the runway. The flight was filled with young Americans in search of an adventure, and I felt a sense …

    Pura Vida

  • First week in Ghana!

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Thu Jul 12, 2012

    It has been almost a week since I have arrived in Ghana. I feel fairly settled in now and ready to soak in all in! My homestay family is absolutely the best, I am soo lucky to have them. I had a rough start, feeling very homesick and overwhelmed, but I was able to pull through and I have become aclimatized fairly well to the cultural differences. There are many things …

    First week in Ghana!

  • Cross Cultural Experience: An Ode to the Trolebus

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Mon Jul 16, 2012

    For the past month in Ecuador, I’ve spent on average, 2 hours a day using the public bus system to commute to work, classes and around the city.  Like the majority of Americans, I am accustomed to driving everywhere in the comfort of a car; thus, those 54 some hours have truly been a growing experience, as I’ve found myself crammed between strangers, clutched anything within reach to avoid spurring …

    Cross Cultural Experience: An Ode to the Trolebus

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