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  • First Few Days

    Travel Journal from Thailand OmKoi, Thailand | Wed Feb 06, 2013

            I have been here for only four days so far and I am amazed at how different things are. The living situations here are the basic and people get by just fine. It makes the US look silly when we need the fancy houses, stores, cars etc. Life is much more simple here... and it is a nice change of pace. To be able to sleep with windows open …

    Thailand Adventure

  • Una Fiesta Loca

    Travel Journal from Peru Cusco, Peru | Sun Jan 06, 2013

    Well, we arrived in Cusco safe and sound and were immediately introduced to our new familia. We arrived and learned that today is the day of the birthday party for our two little sisters, Luana and Nicoll. They are now 2 and 4. Our first duty was to copy a list of guests onto some paper which made us quickly realize that we were about to attend a fiesta with …

    Savannah and Ronn's Excellent Peruvian Adventure!

  • T-minus 24 hours until take off!!

    Travel Journal from United States Washington, United States | Wed Jan 02, 2013

    Only one day left in the States, and it still feels surreal!! After so long and many changed "last" decisions, I am going abroad! Although a lot different from my original plan to study abroad in France, (and then in Switzerland, and then possibly Canada, and then perhaps Kenya) Ghana will be exciting, challenging, and a grand adventure! And much more thrilling than studying in France. However, in true Molly …

    Adventures in Ghana 2013


    Travel Journal from United States Ohio, United States | Thu Dec 27, 2012

    It's Thursday December 27. I just graduated college from BYU-Hawaii. I studied Social Work and in order to complete my degree I have to fulfill an internship of choice. Volunterring in an orphanage has been a dream of mine since a young age and with the help of my sister I have been able to collect donations in order to make this dream come true. I also am able to …


  • So Long and Thanks for all the...Tacos.

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Mon Dec 10, 2012

    As promised, I still contiued to have adventures! It was a good weekend for me, I must tell you all about it. Friday I went on our final ProWorld project (and their final ProWorld project). We went to Tule to work with an organization called SiKanda. They do community sustainability with the families who live near the dumps and collect and sort the garbage. They are currently working on a place …

    Oaxaca de mi corazon

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