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  • Back to Bangkok

    Travel Journal from Thailand Bangkok, Thailand | Mon Nov 28, 2011

    So after about three weeks in Chiang Mai, I am finally on my way back to Bangkok.  Unfortunately, I've decided to go back to the United States on December 1st because Mahidol University has canceled classes until December 15th and in order to receive credit for this semester I would have to stay until December 30th.  But that is neither here nor there, I am extremely grateful for my opportunity …

    Fall Semester in Thailand with CISabroad

  • Pre-Ghana: They always said, 'What is difficult will be the most worthwhile'

    Travel Journal from United States Massachusetts, United States | Thu Nov 17, 2011

    I haven't written in a blog since 2009 and even then, it was only for announcements, acknowledgments, random thoughts, surveys and even just photo sharing. Nevertheless, I am really excited for this website. I have actually been wanting an online journal for those random moments where something just comes to mind. Such as now.  Even if it's already late at night, I'm really glad I'm using this "study break" time well. …

    A peak at Ghana: Amalgamation of thrill, stress, anxiety, adventure, exploration, learning and fun!

  • Reflecting On A World Away

    Travel Journal from Belize Punta Gorda, Belize | Wed Nov 16, 2011

    So here I am, lounging in my bed at Goucher College, avoiding the realities of imminent paper deadlines and the fickle weather outside my window. My senior soccer season just came to heart-breaking end, and I legitimately just finished registering for my last ever semester of undergrad... It's kind of surreal at this point; I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a mere freshman reporting for preseason …

    An Unforgettable Immersion

  • Homesickness !

    Travel Journal from Brazil Salvador, Brazil | Wed Apr 20, 2011

    Homesick... Well,I didnt think it would get THAT bad with me,but it did.After I gave my best to not think of home,it happened in the first 3 nights all the time.In the moment I turned out to be alone in my room i got worse.Missing my family and home was very bad.Not even a phonecall about 2 hours to germany made me better ( and cost defenately too much money) What …

    My adventure : Brazil '11

  • i LIVED that life

    Travel Journal from United States Iowa, United States | Sun Oct 23, 2011

    This journal entry is a bit unconventional. See, I've been back in the States now for nearly four months but as I was going through some former papers, I found these thoughts I had written in the weeks after my trip. I realized I hadn't uploaded them so I figured better late than never...We'll just chalk it up to "Belize time."     I had no idea my experience would be so much about the people and …

    Long Overdue Thoughts

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