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  • Life In PG

    Travel Journal from Belize Punta Gorda, Belize | Fri Oct 21, 2011

    Each morning I wake up to the smell of homemade tortillas that my hostmom is making for me. Soon the smell of beans, lightly refried in coconut oil mingles with the steam rising off of the tortillas. That's my cue to hurry up and get ready for the day because breakfast is being served. The weather has been extremely pleasant. The sunrises have either been glittering platinum over the Caribbean sea …

    Dance in Belize

  • Conversation Club

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Wed Oct 12, 2011

    Yesterday, three American girls and I ventured to a local school to help our host brother out by participating in his conversation club, or “intercambio” as the Mexicans would say (literally translates to “exchange”). The club consists of about 20 students, around 18-21 years old, who have been studying English for the past year. They haven’t had many chances to practice speaking English, especially not with someone who is a …

    Me Llamo Katie- Oaxaca 2011

  • A day with Jaime

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Wed Jul 13, 2011

    Today Christina and I traveled with Jaime the project director for the stoves to a new town. It actually is in urubamba but the sector is totally different. We took a Combi to the town where we were going to be doing surveys. We walked to the bus station and Hamie introduced us to one of his friends. Her name was Frances. He told us that she would be coming with us …

    A day with Jaime

  • This last week

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Sun Sep 25, 2011

    Hey everyone!!  Please look under JennaBrandolini to see the journal entry for this week. We have had a pretty busy weekend but she was able to write a real long entry about all the stuff we were able to do this past week. There are also pictures uploaded onto her page, the internet is not working so great right now so it is too slow to put more on mine but …

    Mai Thai

  • Inspiration in Om Koi

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Sun Sep 25, 2011

    A lot has happened this week so you might not want to begin this one until you have a free hour and a cup of tea to read with.  As our last Sunday in Chiang Mai comes to an end its hard to even try to recap our last week here. Every week somehow feels much longer and its seems like we arrived here in Thailand months ago and have …

    A Tale of Two Nurses

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