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  • Salsa

    Travel Journal from United States Washington, United States | Mon Sep 12, 2011

    I have arrived back in the states after traveling around for the last week after my program with Proworld ended!  My last week in Costa Rica was definitely the best. First off, we had a new student come and stay at our house who is from Switzerland and is really nice(we are both vegetarians, and went out to dinner at Vishnu's, a veggie restaurant in San Jose, one night which was …


  • Belize and gardens and adventure!

    Travel Journal from Canada Calgary, Canada | Sun Sep 04, 2011

    So I suppose this is my very first entry. How does one start a travel journal? I was just going to jump right in to what's on my mind at this exact moment but maybe I should introduce myself a bit. I'm Sarah. I'm going to Belize in March next year to work with a community gardens project, and I am losing my mind about it (in the best way possible). I haven't …

    Belize Please

  • Service Learning in the community

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Fri Sep 02, 2011

        It was our service day at the Barrio of San Antonio De La Cal. Rodolfo Morales was the name of the middle school where we were serving on this day. It was a nice school with children who felt very excited about the mission for today. For this day, we would be planting trees in the backyard of the school so they would grow to provide some shadow …

    The Before and After Experience of Traveling Abroad...

  • An adventure at Benito Juarez

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Sun Jul 03, 2011

       It was time for an adventure! We visited Benito Juarez where we had the opportunity to go zip-lining! It was a great memory to go for a trip altogether with our group. We all supported each other when it was to finally time to take our feet off land. Although I felt scared at the beginning, I was glad to have everyone else in support so we all participated. The …

    Summer Abroad in the Wonderful City of Oaxaca...

  • Almost there!

    Travel Journal from Germany Stuttgart, Germany | Fri Sep 02, 2011

    I'm almost finished with packing all my things and now I have enough time to be nervous. My journey will start this evening at Frankfurt where I will enter my plane to Brazil. I hope that everything will be allright when I arrive tomorrow in the morning in Salvadore. I'm looking forward to meet all the new people and to see many new things! See you tomorrow in Salvadore! ;D

    Heyho lets go to Salvador :)

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