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  • On a Scale of 4A to 6B... (Various Teaching Styles I've Encountered at my School)

    Travel Journal from Peru Cusco, Peru | Tue Jul 12, 2011

    July 11, 2011             After three years of attending an enormous public university, I have truly come to appreciate how true the statement is that a professor “makes or breaks” any class. A bad teacher bullies students and grades unfairly. An average shows up for work but lacks passion. A good teacher is enthusiastic about his or her subject and cares about students. A great teacher can maintain that enthusiasm and …

    Cusco, Peru

  • One week in

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Fri Jul 08, 2011

    Hello everyone. This is mostly for the people who did not receive my email. I made it too Uru Sunday afternoon, with minimal problems. There was a 12 hour layover in Lima, besides that and not sleeping for 30 there where little problems. I started working with the women's groups in Chicon and MediaLuna, and they are all wonderful women, many of whom are Quechua. They make many artesian type things such …

    I'm in Peru, now

  • Process of Growth: 2011: Interconnectivity

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Thu Jul 07, 2011

     With only two days left in Oaxaca, I have begun to reflect on the trip and the profound personal growth that I have experienced. The most obvious aspect of personal growth has been my Spanish skills. Undoubtedly, my ability to understand and speak has greatly improved and I look forward to seeing the before and after video from Amigos del Sol. More importantly than my improvement has been my inspiration …

    Oaxaca Summer 2011

  • A long day

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Tue Jul 05, 2011

    So today was quite a day- Today we worked on stoves with our new ProPeru volunteers. Who are just great. Anxious to start working and get there hands dirty. We set off at our usual town and spiced up the transportation today. All 15 of us jumped into the back of a pickup truck, with our materials and tools used for making our clean burning stoves. The ride was short, we …

    One who needs help

  • Salsa Classes with ProPeru

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Fri Jul 01, 2011

    Buenos Dias! It's a very rainy day here in Urubamba- naturally with little to do to begin with- with the sun peeking threw the clouds I find myself a little antsy today. I had Tomales this morning for breakfast and they were fantastic. Last night I had spanish classes with the other volunteers- as I do everyday, afterwards we were informed that our small little 4 by 4 classroom was about …

    Salsa Classes

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