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  • Last Week...

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Fri Aug 03, 2012

    How can I possibly be going back to the States in just two days?  How did a month pass by so quickly??  Its going to be hard to leave, but I have to admit that I miss home - long hot showers, drinking tap water, living in the suburbs, family and friends... The past week has been a busy week!  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked at Pan de Vida …

    Volunteering in Ecuador

  • The final countdown

    Travel Journal from Ghana Elmina, Ghana | Thu Jul 26, 2012

    On Monday I checked the theatre for surgeries and upon finding out that there were only electives and emergencies I headed to maternity to do rounds with Dr. Eyensa. The maternity ward wasn't too crowded so rounds didn't take forever. I took fetal heartbeats manually and reported to the doctor on the presentation of the babies. I watched him do a few inductions, where he placed a quarter of a …

    Ghana 2012

  • Crafts and Maggots!

    Travel Journal from Ghana Kumasi, Ghana | Wed Aug 01, 2012

    I went to Kumasi two weekend's ago now. I have been behind on my journal writing. We left Saturday morning from Cape Coast with a Tro packed to its very limits. Katherine my host sister had too much "fun" the night prior so she was feeling pretty rough! It took us about three and a half hours before we arrived in Kumasi. When we arrived we went directly to the …

    One Month Update

  • Surgeries Updates

    Travel Journal from Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal | Wed Aug 01, 2012

    “Why do we not fear our enemy?” The surgeon stops mid-suturing to ask me. I shrug my shoulders. “Because we know that we are going to beat him.” He answers matter-of-factly. “This,” he gestures to a small puncture in the small intestine that he has pulled out of a hole the size of a quarter in the patient’s abdomen, “is my enemy.” The surgeon is referring to the twist that his …

    Health Internship in Kathmandu!

  • Elephant trekking

    Travel Journal from Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand | Sun Jul 29, 2012

    This weekend I had the opportunity to go elephant trekking with our 5 Hands on Healthcare participants. I have to say, I started out a bit skeptical about the time and financial investment in the activity. I had ridden an elephant before on another trip to Thailand, and I remember the elephant seat being uncomfortable, the scenery lackluster, and overall, the experience had been pretty 'meh.' I was …

    Elephant trekking

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