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  • Putting in the Time


    by: EleanorRoberts

    created on: Jan 08, 2011 | Urubamba, Peru

    When I get frustrated with planning and developing projects, I have to remember that showing up and caring about the work I do, makes a difference. Last Monday, I held the first meeting for a women’s group in Chicón, but not too many women showed up. When I saw the small turn-out, my heart sank. Three months of community diagnostics, voting, and planning – for only 10 women to come …

  • Pre-Departure


    by: SpencerSneller

    created on: Jan 08, 2011 | Iowa, United States

    My flight leaves early Thursday morning! See you soon, Peru. Can't wait to try the food and so much more! An amazing semester awaits!

  • One month and counting


    by: AdamBailey

    created on: Jan 07, 2011 | Kentucky, United States

    One month from right now, I’ll be settling down for my first night in Cusco, Peru.  I’ll be in the home of my host family where I will live for the following four months—an intimately, personal setting of which I yet know nothing.  That leaves me with just one month to prepare—just as much packing to do as there is emotional introspection and intellectual inquiry to be done.  Tonight, I’ve …

  • Peru- 7 days... come again?

    journal photo

    by: ErichSneller

    created on: Jan 05, 2011 | Iowa, United States

    A mere 7 days, my fair friends, and I'll be shakin' down south for the winter, roosting in cozy Cusco!  As I type beneath my glow of orange Halloween lights, my body begins to twitch with excitement for what is to come. I seek to bring a pride and positive energy to Peru, exuding the warmth of Ames, Iowa and ready to soak in a world spun in different paths. …

  • Antes empezamos.....

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    by: LibbyDeAmicis

    created on: Jan 05, 2011 | New York, United States

    HERE IT IS! Post numero uno. Annnnnddd i don't quite know what to say. Part of me feels really self absorbed for having a blog-type-post-journal thing. I Love hearing about other peoples travels, but are other people really gonna care about mine? Are they gonna care about what i do and learn and experience in a place so foreign and far from anything remotely resembling New York/New Hampshire/the entire United …

  • Forward: Build up, Pre-departure scramble, Limbo

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    by: HannahKolni

    created on: Jan 02, 2011 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Beijing Layover Finally getting excited- nearing final country destination!  After so many hours and transfers, uncomfortable seats made to torture back injuries, and my first squat toilet this time in Asia (I managed to get through without peeing on myself, yay!), I’m on the last leg to Bangkok.  I’ve been lucky so far- everything smooth- I even negotiated an aisle seat on my 12 hr flight!  Had lots of leg room- …

  • My Footing...


    by: HannahKolni

    created on: Jan 03, 2011 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Girl Time  I ventured out this morning to continue my meandering exploration of the city by foot.  In an exciting finale, I completed my scavenger hunt for the random items I forgot at home or could not fit in my suitcase.  I found a cheap plastic orange soapholder for 20 baht (about 70 cents US) with a cartoon sailor printed on it and pink bubble gum nailpolish in a canine-smelling mini-mart.  …

  • In Fear of the All-knowing Retrospect

    journal photo

    by: MattNoonan

    created on: Jan 01, 2011 | Illinois, United States

    I guess this first journal entry in "Peru: para mi & para you" is mostly para mi.  As the imminence of my experience in Peru presses firmly on my suddenly fragile psyche, I kind of want to start this journal project before my mind is surrounded by so much unfamiliarity that it can no longer find roots in the only reality I've ever known.  By writing this first draft with …

  • One More Day Until Departure

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    by: JamieAil

    created on: Dec 30, 2010 | Missouri, United States

    So it's the day before I leave and I feel like there is still a lot to do! There are lots of thoughts going through my head and I thought I'd share them. The orientation guide gave us questions to guide our beginning journal entries. Here they are.. What are you looking forward to the most? What do you fear the most?  I'm so excited to be on the plane for New …

  • What am I doing in Ghana?

    journal photo

    by: JamieAil

    created on: Dec 26, 2010 | Missouri, United States

    Hi y'all! Ok, so the reason I am going to Ghana is because number 1, I've always wanted to study abroad. Number 2, the opportunity to gain clinical hours while studying abroad in AFRICA presented itself so perfectly that I could not turn it down. I heard about this program last March when the Public and Community Health Representatives came to our nursing class. They explained that we would be … is shutting down to focus on other projects. We are no longer accepting new user registrations and will be deleting all user data in about a month. If you would like to download your information, please send a request to