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  • The trip down in 4 legs

    journal photo

    by: SavannahMack

    created on: Jan 05, 2013 | Lima, Peru

    Savannah is in normal text and Ronn is in italics for future notice! It is 3:06 am as we sit in the middle of the food court at the international airport in Lima, but it may as well be noon on a weekend by the amount of activity around us. We have decided that this must be the local hangout.  We started with an 8:42 flight from Denver to Dulles then hopped …

  • T-minus 24 hours until take off!!


    by: MORR

    created on: Jan 02, 2013 | Washington, United States

    Only one day left in the States, and it still feels surreal!! After so long and many changed "last" decisions, I am going abroad! Although a lot different from my original plan to study abroad in France, (and then in Switzerland, and then possibly Canada, and then perhaps Kenya) Ghana will be exciting, challenging, and a grand adventure! And much more thrilling than studying in France. However, in true Molly …


    journal photo

    by: BritConley

    created on: Dec 27, 2012 | Ohio, United States

    It's Thursday December 27. I just graduated college from BYU-Hawaii. I studied Social Work and in order to complete my degree I have to fulfill an internship of choice. Volunterring in an orphanage has been a dream of mine since a young age and with the help of my sister I have been able to collect donations in order to make this dream come true. I also am able to …

  • So Long and Thanks for all the...Tacos.

    journal photo

    by: CorinneCard

    created on: Dec 10, 2012 | Oaxaca, Mexico

    As promised, I still contiued to have adventures! It was a good weekend for me, I must tell you all about it. Friday I went on our final ProWorld project (and their final ProWorld project). We went to Tule to work with an organization called SiKanda. They do community sustainability with the families who live near the dumps and collect and sort the garbage. They are currently working on a place …

  • What? When did December happen?

    journal photo

    by: CorinneCard

    created on: Dec 05, 2012 | Oaxaca, Mexico

    Alright, it's December and I can't believe it! No really, I am having a hard time thinking it's's sunny and hot and there's a few Christmas decorations out, but I am all turned around and it's really not Decemeber in my mind. I have been enjoying my time all the way up until the last minute! I am determined to have as many adventures as I possibly can. A few …

  • It's fun to stay at the M.C.F.D.

    journal photo

    by: CorinneCard

    created on: Nov 18, 2012 | Mexico City, Mexico

    Well it was another exciting week folks! I went to the Mexico City Federal District or the D.F. as it's called here. We left Friday, and took a six and a half hour bus ride all the way to the D.F.. I had contracted a cold just days before we left, so for me it was a long ride with lots of nose-blowing, but they had movies for us to …

  • My Last night in Ghana!


    by: AThorson

    created on: Nov 17, 2012 | Cape Coast, Ghana

    This will be my last post from my trip.  It has not hit me yet that this experience is almost over.  I have done so many awesome things in the last 3 weeks and have met some truly amazing people.  I had my last week with the school this week.  I spent time in many different teachers’ rooms this week.  I was really attached to my class so I didn’t …

  • Project summary

    journal photo

    by: TheresaAdamchik

    created on: Nov 16, 2012 | Punta Gorda, Belize

    Today is surreal, the past two weeks flew by but I knew they would.  I've learned a lot about myself while here, that I'm stronger, more fearless then I started.  Also to trust myself and trim the extra useless things from my life.  Eat better, ride and walk more, be happy, don't do things that make me unhappy!  My source of inspiration that I'm taking away is the image of …

  • Happy and Healthy!


    by: AThorson

    created on: Nov 13, 2012 | Cape Coast, Ghana

    Many things have happened since I wrote last!  Friday, after the canopy walk, Roz went to the clinic because she was not feeling well.  Unfortunately she has malaria.  To get it on your first week is very bad luck! Many people here have gotten it and after some medication you are better.  I am taking my malaria pills everyday and using a lot of bug spray.  Friday night I went …

  • First post from Ghana!


    by: AThorson

    created on: Nov 06, 2012 | Cape Coast, Ghana

    So happy to finally have internet! The  internet wasn't working very well the other night so I haven't been able to post. I have so much to say and only 30 minutes to type.  When I landed in Ghana I was welcomed by a staff member and another volunteer, Roz. We waited an hour at the airport for a taxi and then drove 3 1/2 to get to Cape Coast, …

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