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  •'s a long one :)


    by: ErinCraig

    created on: Sep 11, 2012 | Cape Coast, Ghana

    It's been a few days since I lasted blogged. I'm trying really hard to write every day because I don't want to forget anything about this time. With that being said, I've been sick the past 2 days and went to bed right when I got home from school yesterday and slept until 6am this morning. I didn't go to school today and I'm home resting until I have to head to …

  • We all bleed red!


    by: ErinCraig

    created on: Sep 11, 2012 | Elmina, Ghana

    Last night was an absolute blast :) We went out with all of the other ProWorld volunteers to Oasis. Steph, Nana and Kwame also met up with us. I definitely feel like I'm making some life long friendships here in Ghana and am so thankful for that. Alex and I stayed up WAY too late skyping with friends/family from home. I was pretty excited I was able to skype with my …

  • Less than 2 months until Africa


    by: JosephHuberty

    created on: Sep 08, 2012 | California, United States

    I cannot believe I am less than 2 months away from embarking on a life changing trip to Ghana, Africa. I just got my shots a few weeks ago and the excitement is starting to settle in! My arm did look odd with 3 bandages on each arm and they were sore for a few days but totally will be worth it. I have been so busy with my recent …

  • ¡Hasta luego, América!


    by: LeahCarriere

    created on: Sep 07, 2012 | United States

    While sitting at JFK and waiting to board my plane to Bogotá, where I have a short layover, it has finally hit me that I am going to be far away from home very soon. I'm going to be taking intensive Spanish classes and volunteering in Ecuador for the next ten weeks. I planned this trip a little bit last minute, as I always seem to do, but I feel …

  • Coloring sheets, Canopy walks and alligators!


    by: ErinCraig

    created on: Sep 07, 2012 | Elmina, Ghana

    I didn't get a chance yesterday so I'm playing catch up again :) Its been such a relaxing day today and I'm feeling refreshed. I took a 3 hour nap!!Yesterday I worked at Sankofa. I made it out there all by myself. I was pretty proud :) I might, just might,  be getting the hang of it. The day started out like the others. It seemed like there were less …

  • Artsy Fartsy

    journal photo

    by: CorinneCard

    created on: Sep 07, 2012 | Oaxaca, Mexico

    Well hello! Sorry it has been so long since the last post, it's been a little bit of a busy week!  Saturday I went back to the pueblo San Jose in Mixteca with the Castellanos. It was chilly in the mountains and raining, but it was fun to see the kids again. They are all so sweet! I couldn't go to the village the weekend before and Jair Castellanos told me …

  • The best shower I think I've ever had....


    by: ErinCraig

    created on: Sep 06, 2012 | Elmina, Ghana

     I just took one of the best showers of my life and it feels amazing :) I have been taking bucket baths since I arrived in Ghana. I was actually able to stand up in the shower tonight. The water was out this morning so I wasn't even able to have a bucket bath. I feel so clean right now...its a pretty great feeling.  My friend Kwame met up with me …

  • Rolling with the punches....


    by: ErinCraig

    created on: Sep 06, 2012 | Elmina, Ghana

    Today was pretty chaotic. It was my first day getting to Eguafo by myself. I thought that maybe I was in the wrong car at first. Then when I switched I almost got on the tro tro and not in the shared car. Ohhh my :) I think that tomorrow I am going to walk to the market and my friend Kwame is going to meet me and walk with …

  • ProWorld Thailand People to People International high school group work

    journal photo

    by: BrynnUtela

    created on: Sep 06, 2012 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

    It was a busy season this summer in Thailand.  We had a lovely group of Japanese college students join us this August for a two-week program, a Hands on Healthcare group this July-August, and a fantastic high school group of students joined us for two weeks in July. I thought I’d take this time to reflect on this special group of high school volunteers, seeing as I spent so much time …

  • ... And off to a remote jungle mountain village I unexpectedly go!


    by: VictoriaStrube

    created on: Sep 04, 2012 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Got together with a proworld advisor this weekend and when she asked about how work at COSA was going I told her I liked it but there was a lot of downtime and I didn't feel particularly useful.  The girls are at school for many hours during the day, and you really only get the chance to interact with most of them on the weekends.  There are also 7 other …

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